Sayyid Thwahirul Ahdal Thangal (Q.S)

Sayyid Thwahir Ahdal Thangal was born on 25th Jamadul Akhir 1365 Hijri to Sayyid Sharifa Fatima Bewi & Sayed Muhammad Koyanjikoya Thangal. Thangal was raised in Chalaipuram and had acquired religious knowledge from prominent scholars such as Abdullah Musliar, Basheer Musliar Manjeri, Kanniyat Ahmad Musliar, Kotumala Abubakar Musliar, and EK Abubakar Musliar. Thangal was known for his adherence to the Sunnah and was affectionately referred to as 'Mutabi-ussunna' by respected teachers.

After completing his studies, thangal moved to Kasaragod where he actively engaged in the field of da'wah and education while also finding opportunities to bring about peaceful changes in the community. He was a visionary and aimed to create a just society where the needs of the less fortunate, such as orphans, were taken care of. It was the first step to Muhimmath. That's how Muhimmath was Born.

Tragically, Sayyid Thwahir Ahal Thangal passed away in his 62nd year on 10th Sha'ban 1426 AH. Thangal was laid to rest at the Muhimmat campus, which thangal had established and nurtured, surrounded by the tariqats and ijazats thangal had received from his father Koyanjikoya and other great scholars such as Qadiriyya and Rifaiyya.